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Text to speech synthesis matlab code

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Hello everyone can anyone pls tell me matlab code for text to speech synthesis without using system speech synthesizer...pls help me...

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Oct 2014
Try this, if you have a Windows computer:
% Program to do text to speech.
% Get user's sentence
userPrompt = 'What do you want the computer to say?';
titleBar = 'Text to Speech';
defaultString = 'Hello World! MATLAB is an awesome program!';
caUserInput = inputdlg(userPrompt, titleBar, 1, {defaultString});
if isempty(caUserInput)
end; % Bail out if they clicked Cancel.
caUserInput = char(caUserInput); % Convert from cell to string.
obj = System.Speech.Synthesis.SpeechSynthesizer;
obj.Volume = 100;
Speak(obj, caUserInput);
Mohamed on 6 Jul 2020
how can i store that computer voice on my computer?

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Deba Choudhury
Deba Choudhury on 27 Aug 2017
It would quite a help if you explain the code working.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Nov 2019
You don't need to do anything. In my code you simply start using NET.
With Windows systems, it's built-in or something.

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sadiq husaini
sadiq husaini on 14 Oct 2017
Need the source code of this class (System.Speech.Synthesis.SpeechSynthesizer)? any one help me ? thanks in advance.
Jan on 14 Oct 2017
@sadiq: You ask a Matlab forum to provide the source code of a Windows library, which is obviously a protected property of Microsoft. Seriously?

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soundarya sopna
soundarya sopna on 17 Feb 2018
i need coding for extact of text and audio conversion
sneha madre
sneha madre on 22 Feb 2018
how to reduce delay in text to speech conversion between two word or more in matlab .please send command.thanks

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Priya Raj
Priya Raj on 21 Mar 2018
Sir, We have obtained the count of objects in our program and we want to output that count in the form of speech,How it can be done,ty.

Brian Hemmat
Brian Hemmat on 25 Jan 2020
Audio Toolbox (R2019a or later) supports calling into popular 3rd-party APIs for speech synthesis:

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