Is it correct that the assignmentCostCalulator class is empty after the TOMHT code gen?

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I noticed that after a code gen of the matlab TOMHT tracker with IMM that the AssignmentCostCalulator class is completely empty, except for an empty constructer and destructor. I was wondering if this is correct or if something went wrong. The matlab Coder app found no runtime errors.
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Prashant Arora
Prashant Arora on 30 Nov 2021
Hi Joost,
I suspect that the code generation may have inlined all the code from the AssignmentCostCalculator class for speed/performance. The code generation configuration provides options to control inlining of code provided by MathWorks as well as code written by users.
See the InlineBetweenMathWorksFunctions property. If you set this to "Readability", can you please verify if you observe a non-empty class?
My initial guess is that this is an expected behavior from code generation, but I'll be happy to investigate further if you could provide more information regarding your use-case (for example, do you intend to re-use the code from AssignmentCostCalculator in your custom C++ code?), an example of your entry point function for code generation and the MATLAB release you are using.

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