for loop for videos

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Nara Sixty Five
Nara Sixty Five on 28 Nov 2021
Edited: Drain Suburu on 29 Nov 2021
i was wondering is there was an easy way to apply a for loop to frames on a video. i am trying to apply a mask on each frame (as if each frame were an image). i dont know if this is important, but i am applying my mask only to part of the image.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Nov 2021
NumFrames is a field of video. Use it to construct a for loop over all the frames you want to process.
Drain Suburu
Drain Suburu on 29 Nov 2021
Hi, sorry I am no longer using that account. Thanks for sharing these demos. If you can still help, my question remains. I posted it here with the code and vids.

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