Creating a for loop that goes through 12 month data in sets of 2

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Hi guys,
Ive been trying to implement a for-loop to plot graphs from a set data with each plot having 2 months in it, so the first plot would have all values from jan to feb and 2nd would have all values from march till april.
I also have been to trying to make the sets of data into 2 lines where the first is the plots for data constiting of jan to jun and the second line being data from jul to dec.
Thank you, any guidance would be appreciated

Accepted Answer

Eric Sofen
Eric Sofen on 3 Dec 2021
T = readtable('Levenmouth7MWTurbineData2019.csv') ;
T.month = month(t.disc_TimeStamp);
for m = 1:2:12
monthMatch = any(T.month == [m m+1],2);
% or
% monthMatch = (T.month == m | T.month == m+1);
Tplot = T(monthMatch, :);
% polar plot
polar(Tplot.mean_NacelleOrientation_Deg, Tplot.mean_WindSpeed_mps,'.')
This approach assumes you've just got one year of data (otherwise, you'll combine Jan-Feb 2019 and Jan-Feb 2020 into one plot). Then you would need multiple grouping variables - month and year.

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KSSV on 3 Dec 2021
You can proceed like below.
T = readtable('Levenmouth7MWTurbineData2019.csv') ;
thedates = datevec(T.(1)) ;
% plot for Jan and Feb by getting indices of them
idx = thedates(:,2)==1 | thedates(:,2)==2 ;
% plot third column
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Sebastian Sunny
Sebastian Sunny on 3 Dec 2021
Thank you for the feedback however my task requires me to use implent a for loop strusture when plotting, i also am using polar plots for the task

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