Matlab 2012b too slow when solving a system of two equations on mupadmex(statement)

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Alireza on 28 Oct 2014
Answered: Stefan Wehmeier on 30 Oct 2014
I'm trying to solve a system of two non-linear equations in Matlab in a for loop. I am aware that the for loop may cause the program to run slow but right now it takes around an hour for one instance to be solved. On debugging the code, I realized that this line causes the program to hang:
[res,status] = mupadmex(statement);
If I terminate the program I get the following:
Operation terminated by user during mupadengine/evalin (line 97)
In mupadengine/feval (line 150) [S,err] = evalin(engine,stmt);
In solve (line 160) sol = eng.feval('symobj::solvefull',eqns,vars);
In algorithm2 (line 139) answer = solve (f , g);
where line 97 refers to the same line of code. Here's the section of my code where I call the solve function:
if true
% code
endsyms ro1 t_prime1
assume(t_prime1 > 0)
for i=1:1:length(n1ps)
n1p = n1ps(1,i);
n2p = n2ps(1,i);
w1 = (ro1/theta_p)*(1-exp((-1)*theta_p*t_prime1));
w2 = exp((-1)*theta_p*t_prime1);
w3 = (ro1/theta_p)*(1-exp((-1)*theta_p*T1))-q(1,1);
w4 = (1-exp((-1)*n1p*theta_p*T1))/(1-exp((-1)*theta_p*T1));
w5 = exp((-1)*theta_p*(T1-t_prime1));
Q1 = (w1 + w2*w3*w4)*w5 - q(1,1);
w6 = ((ro-ro1)/theta_p)*(1-exp((-1)*theta_p*(n1p*T1 + t_prime1 - n2p*T2)));
w7 = exp((-1)*theta_p*(n1p*T1 + t_prime1 - n2p*T2));
w8 = ((ro-ro1)/theta_p)*(1-exp((-1)*theta_p*T2))-q(1,2);
w9 = (1-exp((-1)*n2p*theta_p*T2))/(1-exp((-1)*theta_p*T2));
w10 = exp((-1)*theta_p*(T2-(n1p*T1 + t_prime1 - n2p*T2)));
Q2 = (w6 + w7*w8*w9)*w10 - q(1,2);
Q1_prime = q(1,1)*((exp((tN1 - n1p - 1)*theta_p*T1)-1)/(1-exp((-1)*theta_p*T1)));
Q2_prime = q(1,2)*((exp((tN2 - n2p - 1)*theta_p*T2)-1)/(1-exp((-1)*theta_p*T2)));
answer = solve (f , g);

Answers (1)

Stefan Wehmeier
Stefan Wehmeier on 30 Oct 2014
A running time of one hour can be normal if the equations are very complicated. Since your code does not run as it stands, it is difficult to comment on this. General comment: by your assumption, you do not help the solver since it has to determine which of the solutions are positive. Try the option 'IgnoreProperties' to skip this step.

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