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fanimator usage for animation production

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Ahmad yassine
Ahmad yassine on 8 Dec 2021
Answered: Jaswanth on 11 Oct 2023
f = @(t) plot(t,1,'r*');
i am tryin fanimator on my desk and it is not working at all , it is giving this error and i am not getting the poit actually , any help ??
Undefined function 'fanimator' for input arguments of type 'sym'.
Error in Untitled (line 4)
fanimator(@fplot,cos(x)+t,sin(x)+1,[-pi pi])

Answers (1)

Jaswanth on 11 Oct 2023
Hi Ahmad yassine,
I have tried running the mentioned example, and it is working fine for me. For more information on the "fanimator" function, the following documentation link will be helpful.
Please make sure to use MATLAB R2019a and above as this function has been introduced in R2019a version. Following documentation on “Resolve Error: Undefined Function or Variable” could be helpful.
Hope this Helps.


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