How to store multiple variables on Matlab?

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Rosemary Gardner
Rosemary Gardner on 9 Dec 2021
Commented: Rosemary Gardner on 10 Dec 2021
wpp = []; % weight of cataylst change
yapp = []; % mole fraction of species A change
ycpp = []; % mole fraction of species C change
temppp = []; % temperature change
ppp = []; % pressure change
temppp{end+1} = tempp';
wpp{end+1} = wp';
yapp{end+1} = yap';
ycpp{end+1} = ycp';
ppp{end+1} = pp';
Sorry can't show the entire code. There is a for loop in between. What is an alternative code of storing the above variables? We want to use a different method. Preferably more efficient but if it is less, it doesnt matter.
Please message here for the enttire code and I will send you through message.
Rosemary Gardner
Rosemary Gardner on 9 Dec 2021
It's used to exclude temppp ppp ycpp yapp wpp % Stops the variables being cleared each run

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Answers (1)

David Hill
David Hill on 9 Dec 2021
If every line is related and numbers of the same kind (floating point), then storing in a matrix can be more efficient (use indexing).
for k=1:100
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Rosemary Gardner
Rosemary Gardner on 10 Dec 2021
we tried to put it at the beginning of our code but it says that those variable [wpp,yapp,ycpp,temppp,ppp] are not defined. Is there another way we can store our variables in matrix.

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