Processing data while acquiring

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Erik S.
Erik S. on 1 Nov 2014
Commented: Harry on 1 Nov 2014
I am exploring the possibility to use Data Acquisition Toolbox for a project where I have to do a non-linear regression of the acquired data. I expect the time of processing would be longer than the time between consecutive samples
1a) When acquiring data in the background is it possible to process it while collecting the data?
1b) In the documentation there is an example of plotting live data, should I replace the function handle when creating the listener with a call to my processing function?
2) If the processing is slower than the data sampling rate will I start to loose data or is the data stored in some buffer which my processing function can retrieve the data from?
Thank you for any help Erik
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Harry on 1 Nov 2014
In response to 2, you can choose. Either you can save all the data and process it 'offline' (afterwards)... or you can process in real-time and discard any data that you don't have time to process.

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