How can I plot a circle over an interval (range of values)

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Jorge Zambrano
Jorge Zambrano on 13 Dec 2021
Commented: Jorge Zambrano on 13 Dec 2021
Hi guys, good morning.
I have a litte problem here. I need plot results of the week for a portfolio. I think about an interval for min/max possible values (calculated at begin of the week) and last day of the week, I plot its value as a circle over the interval.
I did it in MS Excel with scatter plot but It is very manual and I would like do it in matlab.
Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

dpb on 13 Dec 2021
hL=plot([-1327,0],[0 0],'LineWidth',8,'Color',[1 1 1]*0.5);
xlim([-1500 200]); ylim([-20 20])
hold on
hL(2)=plot(-900,0,'Marker','o','MarkerSize',16,'MarkerEdgeColor',[1 1 0.9]*0.5,'MarkerFaceColor',[1 1 1]*0.5);
hR=rectangle('Position',[min(xlim)+100, -5, max(xlim)-min(xlim)-200, 10],'Curvature',[1 1],'LineWidth',3,"EdgeColor",'r');
Results in
just to demonstrate pieces. You'll need to adjust parameters to match your actual figure.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 13 Dec 2021
Check out the drawellipse() or patch() functions.




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