Why last line of the code says "Error using reshape Size arguments must be real integers."

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n = 256; % Number of bits to process
x = randint(n,1); % Random binary data stream
M = 16; % Size of signal constellation
k = log2(M); % Number of bits per symbol
xsym = bi2de(reshape(x,k,length(x)/k).','left-msb');
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Stephen23 on 13 Dec 2021
According to the Communications Toolbox Release Notes the randint function was removed in release R2016b.
How are you managing to use randint with release R2019b ?

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Ashutosh Singh Baghel
Ashutosh Singh Baghel on 20 Dec 2021
Hi nur,
I understand you want to generate a random stream of 1's and 0's. According to the R2016b release notes, it clearly states - '"Replace all instances of randint with randi."
'randint(1,1,[1,n])' would now be written as 'randi([1,n],1,1)'.
Please see the following example -
n = 256; % Number of bits to process
A = randi([0 1],n,1); % Random binary data stream
Also, using reshape function , the syntax is as -
k = 8;
B = reshape(A,[k,n/k]);
ans = 1×2
256 1
ans = 1×2
8 32
Please follow the MATLAB Documnetation link for 'reshape','randi' and 'R2016b release notes.'




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