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Qianqian on 19 Sep 2011
Hi everybody,
I am using the following sample codes in the Mathworks to generate an avi movie by MATLAB R2011a on MAC OS X 10.6.7. However, there is nothing in the movie but blank when I open it either with QuickTime Player or Divx Player. Would any one please give me some suggestions? Thanks so much.
_|nFrames = 20;
% Preallocate movie structure. mov(1:nFrames) = struct('cdata', [],... 'colormap', []);
% Create movie. Z = peaks; surf(Z); axis tight set(gca,'nextplot','replacechildren'); for k = 1:nFrames surf(sin(2*pi*k/20)*Z,Z) mov(k) = getframe(gcf); end
% Create AVI file. movie2avi(mov, 'myPeaks.avi', 'compression', 'None');|__ITALIC TEXT_
Best, Qian
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Xin on 2 Aug 2012
I have same issue with 2012a version of matlab

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Answers (2)

Qianqian on 19 Sep 2011
I can generate the movie in mpg formate by mpgwrite now, but still cannot solve the problem with Movie2Avi.

Jorrit M
Jorrit M on 19 Sep 2011
I generally find it easier to use VideoWriter instead. It also allows you a more detailed control:
%create the object:
writerObj = VideoWriter([PathName FileName]);
%set properties:
writerObj.FrameRate = intFrameRate;
writerObj.Quality = intQuality;
%write movie
% close the handle
amit pathania
amit pathania on 19 Apr 2012
i tried both methods and I was able to record the video too.But,I was trying to make project on motion detection,in which I wanted to record the video whenever there is any motion.But Whenever I am trying to record the video freezes in GUI axis.Can you help me to increase the speed?

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