How can I see for a function from which version was change functionality!

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Barna Erdei
Barna Erdei on 15 Dec 2021
Commented: Adam Danz on 15 Dec 2021
By example I use the latest vesrion 2021B and I had a problem with the "title" function for a plot. I checked the version from which version this function exist and in the helper page was described "title(titletext,subtitletext)", and I created plots with title and subtitle used this function, but for my colleagues who use 2020b or 2019 they had errors with this function, that have to much arguments. It is possible to see on the helper page if in a function some functionality of the functions is working just from the specified Matlab version, if not I think it would be very very usefull this information when it is included new functionality for older function to specify the version when this functionaly was introduced ???

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 15 Dec 2021
The subtitle option was added in Matlab R2020b so your colleagues who are using 20b should not have a problem.
I agree that it would be nice for the documentation to include release info about new features within the help pages. For example,
Alternatively, you can look up documentation in the archive for previous releases or search the release notes (links provided above).
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 15 Dec 2021
Last year the archived documentation and release notes became limited to -5 years which has made it difficult to troubleshoot in older releases without installing the older release.
I frequenly look up functions in the archives to see when a feature was added or changed but that requires manually referencing the function in each individual documentation release and comparing the results which is a pain.
And I often miss new exciting features and run into them 2-3 releases later even though I usually read the release notes after each new release. That motivates me to write Community Highlights to improve the discoverability of some new features but I've only managed to cover a small fraction of my shortlist.

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