Unable to load many files at once

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Jorrit M
Jorrit M on 19 Sep 2011
I've created a small video-editor using the matlab GUIDE. One of its functions is to load image files in order to convert them into a movie. Everything works fine, except that I cannot load more files than ~650 at the same time. Since I work with thousands of images, loading everything in batches of 600 is just annoying, and I figure I should be able to load all my files at once. I use the following code:
[cellFiles,pathvar] = uigetfile(...
'Pick a file','MultiSelect','on');
I guess the problem is that there is a limit to the size uigetfile can return, so I was wondering if anyone knows a way to circumvent this.
With kind regards, Jorrit Montijn
Jan on 20 Sep 2011
Which OS do you use?

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Answers (2)

Jan on 20 Sep 2011
There is an undocumented function called "native_uigetfile" in Matlab 2009a under Windows. Is it available on your system and does it influence the problem?
Another idea is FEX: uipickfiles.
Jan on 12 Feb 2013
@Maya Aviv: Which OS do you use?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 12 Feb 2013
Are you making sure to close the files when you are done with them? This is very important. The number of file handles is limited by the OS (i.e. not MATLAB) and if you open more than this you will see some of the most ridiculous behavior ever.
What is the output from:
hOpen = fopen('all');
This will tell you if you are not closing files when done with them. To close them use:
To close all of them:

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