How to change arrow labels of simulink blocks

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% Firstly we have to read old signal labels or arrow labels of block diagrams in simulink through matlab code
%Then write new labels which replaces old one through matlab code

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Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed on 31 Dec 2021
Hi Vibhu,
You can programmatically rename the Simulink signal line names by first doing a global search for that signal name in the model using "find_system" and then renaming the signal using "set_param".
1) To global search the names of lines in Simulink model:
To rename any line which is already labelled in the model, first you need to get the handle to that signal using "find_system" function with 'FindAll'-'on' and 'Name'-<Current signal name> as Name-Value arguments. See the example in the code snippet below.
% get handle to the signal with label 'x1' using "find_system"
X1LineHandle = find_system('vdp','FindAll','on','Name','x1');
2) Renaming the signal lines:
Using "set_param" with 'Name'-<New line name> as Name-Value arguments as shown in the code snippet below, the signal lines can be renamed.
% Rename the signal label 'x1' to 's1' using "set_param"
for i = 1:length(X1LineHandle)




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