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2D Lookup Table Editor plot error

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Joris Naudin
Joris Naudin on 27 Dec 2021
Commented: Joris Naudin on 5 Jan 2022
I created a 2D lookup table which works perfectly fine and even displays the preview of the table as an icon.
However, if I want to visualize the table with the editor's plot, it gives me this error:
"Size vector elements should be nonnegative"
Obviously, the vectors aren't negative since the table works fine. Why is the editor's plot not working ?
I attached the table and the simulink file.

Answers (1)

Priyanka Kondapalli
Priyanka Kondapalli on 5 Jan 2022
Based on my understanding, you are trying to visualize the data in the table. There are two workarounds to do this
If you want to visualize the 2D lookup table data along with the approximation function used, you can right click on the block, go to Look Up Table Editor > Plot. Please follow the below link for more information
If the intent is to visualize the data from the 2D lookup table, you can rearrange the input and output and plot the data using scatter3 function.
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Joris Naudin
Joris Naudin on 5 Jan 2022
Well, that's the point: for some reason the Look Up Table Editor > Plot doesn't work

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