When subscribe and receive a topic in the ROS toolbox, it is still being processed.

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Hi, I am a student studying using Rosbot.
The robot and MATLAB are connected, and topics can be checked normally.
To get joint_states topic, I saw an example and wrote a code.
When I run this code, the rossubscriber runs normally, but the receive is still processing.
How can we solve this problem?
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger on 5 Jan 2022
This sounds like the topic is visible to introspection, but the subscriber isn't receiving any data. This is probably not specific to the "receive" function - I expect you also won't see any update to the LatestMessage property or any calls to the NewMessageFcn if you assign one.
The reason this occurs is likely due to your environment set up on the side of the publisher. This answer has a good starting point for troubleshooting that.

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