I was wondering how to convert a file created using ascill to an integer.

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Hello. Respected seniors.
I'm not familiar with English, so I'm using a translator, so please forgive me if the sentences are weird.
I made a 127x127 matrix with the experimental data for use in other programs.
I made a command to automatically create and save the created matrix data using save( 'file name' , 'data' , '--ascii' ).
However, when I opened the created file, the data values automatically became 8 digits because of ascill.
For example, the value 187 is stored as 1.8700000+e2.
The program that uses the saved document can read it without a decimal point
However, I have no idea how to structure the code, so I need help.

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Jan 2022
Try writematrix
writematrix(data, 'my data.txt');
Han on 9 Jan 2022
Thank you!!
Thanks to you, I found dlmwrite with a related search and solved it!!
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Jan 2022
You're welcome. You can also use csvwrite(), which also works in antique versions. Since I helped you find the answer, can you click the "Accept this answer"? Thanks in advance. 🙂

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