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Regarding Color image segmentation / Processing

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Shashi on 20 Sep 2011
Can somebody suggest the possible ways for extracting the foreground information from the background image. My base image is in RGB space. The main problem is that in few parts of the image the foreground text is very much different from the background and in few parts it nearly merges with the background. I have already tried adaptive thresholding but the results were not good.


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Sep 2011


Shashi on 20 Sep 2011
Dear Sir,
I went through your demos and they are very good indeed. However it is unable to serve my purpose as the RGB values of my desired text color is changing spatially. Is it possible to apply this same algorithm in a very precise and short manner to different regions one after another and then combined together to produce my desired image.
Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 20 Sep 2011
Show us the images... Post them to a free webhosting site somewhere (I recommend

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