Monitoring the Speed of write.m/save.m on a network

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Using win7/2014a.
I am carrying out some tests with a mapped network drive. Saving/loading data from the disk is proving a major bottleneck.
I can see from task manager that the network use is tiny.
How much of the bottleneck is due to network speed, matlab execution of load/save, and disk r/w? How could I test these things?
If I found evidence that the network config was not set up optimally for my case, this would allow me to feedback to the network admin who could change things (such as the physical location of the data).
thank you

Answers (2)

Orion on 13 Nov 2014
to mesure execution time in matlab : tic / toc, see also cputime

Siam on 13 Nov 2014
Edited: Siam on 13 Nov 2014
Agree with Orion. You can try with tic/toc.
At the beginning of your process use tic and at the end of your process use toc. Will give you the execution time.


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