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How can I obtain the controller output via the command line?

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Using the Control Systems Toolbox, I have designed and tuned a PI controller C which is controlling a plant G. I want to know how to simulate the output from C (driven by sp) via the command line.
sp = 2.5*ones(101,1);
t = ([0:1:100])';
at = [1 -1.08 0.12 -0.23] % denominator polynomial of G
bt = [0 0.27] % numerator polynomial of G
G = tf(bt,at,1,'Variable','z^-1')
[C_pi,info] = pidtune(G,'PI');
T_pi = feedback(C_pi*G,1); % obtain closed-loop transfer function
Y = lsim(T_pi,sp,t) % closed-loop system response

Answers (1)

Max Heimann
Max Heimann on 18 Jan 2022
You could use "step" to simulate a step response.
Or lsim to simulate other inputs.

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