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How to extract certain indexes from a vector, but keeping the length the same by filling the rest u with NaNs

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I have a vector with angles of a body segment. I have another vector with the indexes of the angles at take-off (during walking). I want select the angles at take-off only, but keeping the length of the vector the same and replacing the rest of the data of the angles to NaNs so i can still work with the time. I want to compare different time sections and if i only take out the take-off data, the vector will be smaller and i wont be able to see at what time the take-off was.

Accepted Answer

Max Heimann
Max Heimann on 20 Jan 2022
You can try something like this:
angleVector = rand(1,10);
indexVector = [3 4 5 6];
nanVector = NaN(1,length(angleVector));
nanVector(indexVector) = angleVector(indexVector)

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