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Accessing code for built-in functions

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Fikret Taygun Duvan
Fikret Taygun Duvan on 20 Jan 2022
Commented: Steven Lord on 20 Jan 2022
I cannot use the open or edit commands to see the source code for built-in functions. When I do it I can only see the comments that are included for that function but not the actual code.
I'm trying this on functions like plot.m and fft.m
I hope somenone can give me advice.
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 20 Jan 2022
What were you hoping to do with the source code for those built-in functions? If you were hoping to convert them to another language (specifically C or C++) some of them are supported by MATLAB Coder. fft is supported by MATLAB Coder, plot is not.

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Answers (1)

Max Heimann
Max Heimann on 20 Jan 2022
Edited: Max Heimann on 20 Jan 2022
These functions are not accessible to users as they are MATLABs proprietary code. They are p-coded, which its matlabs way to obscure code. You can only see the header of p-coded files.
You may still place breakpoints and see what they do with the workspace, but you will not be able to see the source code.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Jan 2022
more correctly, a lot of them are built-in functions coded in C or C++ with occasional Fortran as well.

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