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How to compare two different excel sheets specific columns for like values

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I am trying to compare two excel files, specifically a column in each. The cells contain numbers and letters and arent in order. I am trying to update a condensed list to ensure that it has the master's values. It has been a few years since ive used MATLAB. I tried using the setdiff function to compare arrays from each with no luck. TIA!
Voss on 21 Jan 2022
I thought you want to find out which values in the full list aren't in the condensed list:
C = A(~ismember(A,B)); % Full list elements not in Condensed list
rtather than which values in the condensed list aren't in the full list:
D = B(~ismember(B,A)); % Condensed list elements not in Full list

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Answers (1)

Ive J
Ive J on 22 Jan 2022
xlsread is deprecated, avoid it.
fullTab = readtable('File1.xlsx');
denseTab = readtable('File2.xlsx');
[idxFull, idxDense] = ismember(fullTab.(13), denseTab.(3));
idxDense(idxDense < 1) = [];
fullCol13Unique = A.(13)(~idxFull);


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