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How to set Auto Update of the Job Monitor to 'Never' at startup?

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Dear all,
I want to set the Auto update of the jobs in the Job Monitor to 'Never' in my
file. So far, I have only seen manual override.
Is it possible? If so, how?
Thanks in advance for your replies.
O.Hubert on 27 Jan 2022
@Benjamin Thompson It does not bother me that it is open or visible.
What I want is to be able to interact with the jobs in the job monitor (I am running a local parpool). When it is updating, it is impossible to capture de diary of show the details of the job I am interested in and I want to avoid that.

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Answers (1)

Fredrik on 13 May 2024
I also would like to set in "Job Monitor" the "Auto update" to "never" as default. Also during startup of Matlab.
Reason: I run several jobs which takes hours or even days. When I start a second Matlab instance to work with, it takes a long time, because the jobs are updated during start-up. Actual default value of "Auto update" is "every 5 minutes".


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