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How can I export scripted iteration results to base-workspace programmatically in 2017b ?

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Hi, I am testing a model with multiple scripted iterations using Simulink test manager programmatically. I wish to observe the test results as numerical data for each iteration test that I have created programmatically by exporting it to baseworkspace. I came across a reference that suggested to use the following from custom criteria
assignin('base', sltest_iterationName, sltest_simout); %Assign the data in Base WorkSpace
save([sltest_iterationName '.mat'],'sltest_iterationName'); % Save data in MAT file(s).
But this was throwing the following error :
-----Error occurred in custom criteria and custom criteria assessment did not run to completion.
--------- Error ID: --------- MATLAB:assigninInvalidVariable
--------- Error Details: -------------- Invalid variable name "Iteration 1" in ASSIGNIN.
Any feedback is appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Max Heimann
Max Heimann on 28 Jan 2022
The error message says you have a variable called "Iteration 1", which is not allowed.
Probably no blank spaces are allowed in variable names. You could try renaming your variables accordingly.

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