FOC Control Motor Control Blockset

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Adam Sojka
Adam Sojka on 28 Jan 2022
Answered: Adam Sojka on 2 Feb 2022
in the file mcb_pmsm_foc_sensorless_f28379d_data.m there is a function: mcb_SetInverterParameters(inverter_type)
In that function there is variable inverter.I_trip - what is that variable, where is used and based on what it is calculated?
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Accepted Answer

Adam Sojka
Adam Sojka on 2 Feb 2022
Thank you!

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Keyur Mistry
Keyur Mistry on 2 Feb 2022
The variable "inverter.I_trip", in the function "mcb_SetInverterParameters", has been defined for diagnostic purpose. Since the model diagnostics process is under development stage, currently this variable is not being used in the model.




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