regress(y,X) yields wrong standardized coefficients, but right unstandardized ones

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I'm trying to fit a regression to my data and need standardized coefficients, but Matlab doesn't provide these by default, so I z-scored my data first (using normalize instead of zscore because I have NaNs in my data which should not be deleted). The unstandardized coefficients are correct, I compared them to results from a statistics package.
However the standardized coefficients are not right, and I can't figure out why. I tried getting rid of the column of 'ones', tried only zscoring the y and only the X, and all combinations of these steps. Does anyone know what I'm missing?
Standardized coefficients Standardized coefficients Unstandardized coefficients
according to other program: that my script produces: (same both times):
0.1617 0.0494 26.771
0.5709 0.3800 1.057
-0.0579 -0.0656 -0.201
-0.1575 -0.0134 -0.279
Here is a simplified version of the code and I attached the data that produced these results:
mytable(:,3:end) = normalize(mytable(:,3:end))
y = mytable.score
x1 = mytable.MT
x2 = mytable.Age
x3 = mytable.GlobalNorm
X = [ones(size(x1)) x1 x2 x3 x1.*x2];
b = regress(y,X)

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