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Connecting Arduino Mega 2560 to usage with simulink Arduino support.

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I have been working on connecting my arduino board with my simulink. I have been recieving the same error. An image of the error can be found below.
I found a support article for the error, but the solution seems to be from 2016, and I am unable to find the buttons needed for their solution.
I was hoping there would be an updated solution for this problem.

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Nakul Khadilkar
Nakul Khadilkar on 3 Mar 2022
Edited: Nakul Khadilkar on 3 Mar 2022
Hi Liam,
Could you share more detials of what blocks exist in your Simulink Model? Things like smapling time, data logging could be causing the issue here. Can you also check if the standard deployment workflow is working?


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