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readstruct getting error when attempt to run function in background

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I have reduced down a function that I want to run in the background. When run as a background process, I get the error message back
>> [result] = fetchOutputs(WatchID); result
Error using parallel.Future/fetchOutputs
One or more futures resulted in an error.
Caused by:
Error using readstruct (line 72)
Use of function cd is not supported on a thread-based worker. Use alternatives supported on the background pool.
The function code follows:
function [resultBack] = BruteForceWrapper(inputStr)
%This is a brute force loop for the PhoneProcessWatcher
%Trying to launch it in the background but getting errors so doing brute
resultBack = 'Starting';
systemXmlPath = 'D:\ThisSystem';
systemStruct = readstruct(fullfile( systemXmlPath,'Configuration.xml'));
debugLevel = systemStruct.ImageProcess.DebugLevel;
Code that is launching as background is below
WatchID = parfeval( backgroundPool, @BruteForceWrapper, 1, 'just text' );
Is this occuring with the readstruct as a background function? Is there an alternative that will work in a background run function?

Answers (1)

Rik on 2 Feb 2022
Apparently it calls cd somewhere internally.
You could try reading the file will xmlread and parse to a struct with parseXML. I didn't try myself, so I don't know if that would result in the same problem.


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