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I want to move an object along Y axis up and down. how can I do this? Thanks in advance.

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made this using function
Obs5 = [125 0];
function obst(x,y,r,n)
theta= linspace(0, 2*pi,n);
x1= x+r*cos(theta);
y1= y+r*sin(theta);
plot(x,y,'o','markerfacecolor','g','markersize',6),hold on
axis equal

Answers (1)

Max Heimann
Max Heimann on 2 Feb 2022
Edited: Max Heimann on 2 Feb 2022
Do you just want to offset the data once or do you want to move it after you already plotted it?
For offsetting just once, just add the offset to your y vector.
plot(x1,y1 + offset,'r-')
If you want to move an existing line you can store the handle when you plot it the first time and then modifiy it with the set command.
% plot and store handle
handleOfLine = plot(x1,y1,'r-');
% change data
set(handleOfLine,'YData',y1 + offset);
% refresh the figure
Place this into a loop and add a pause() call somewhere and you can create a moving plot.


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