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Enumerated values in StateFlow chart

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Joel on 27 Nov 2014
I am precisely following this tutorial: Assign Enumerated Values in a chart
However, when I want to start the simulation, the SymbolWizard popup shows up that tells me that "RED" and "GREEN" are not defined and it wants me to add those signals. This step is not mentioned in the tutorial so I am not quite sure what I am supposed to do. I tried to add them as 'Data' with 'Parameters' Scope but then I cannot execute the simulation either:
Invalid setting in 'Chart' for parameter 'GREEN'
Error evaluating Stateflow parameter data 'GREEN' in its parent workspace.
Undefined function or variable 'GREEN'.
What am I doing wrong? What am I supposed to do with those actual state signals?
I am using Matlab R2014a with StateFlow 8.3

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Orion on 27 Nov 2014
Did you check that the data is defined in the explorer and that your chart is configured in C language ?

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Joel on 27 Nov 2014
Thank you very much. I changed the langauage from 'MATLAB' to 'C' and now it works indeed. I think that this information should be added to the tutorial. Or is this some general setting that is usually used anyone?
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Orion on 27 Nov 2014
You can change the action language since R2012b. Before, there was only C language.
Now, you can choose.
Note : you can still do the tutorial using Matlab language.
instead of
color = RED;
You just need to use a valid Matlab syntax :
color = TrafficColors.RED;

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Arunkumar Muthukumaran
Arunkumar Muthukumaran on 12 May 2015
Hi, If I change the action language to C and just use the Enumeration Value, will it affect the generated code+?

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