How to create a box label datastore?

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Hello, I've been trying to create a box label datastore using the blds function.
What I understood, is that I need to create a table with the first column containing a type 'double' array, coordinates of bounding boxes, and a string variable with its class.
Now, how can I assign a 1x4 'double' vector into 1 single cell? In this 'fake' case, coordinates of bb are all the same, so is the class. I would need something like:
[0, 0, 300, 300] 'stopSignal'
[0, 0, 300, 300] 'stopSignal'
bbox = [0 0 300 300]; %images: 4170
maxSamples = 4170;
varTypes = {'double', 'string'};
size = [4170 2];
T = table('size',size, 'VariableTypes', varTypes);
for i = 1:maxSamples
T (i,1) = {bbox};
The error occurs because bbox is a 1x4 double vector, while MATLAB expects only a 1x1 variable to be stored in one single cell.
What am I missing?

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Abolfazl Chaman Motlagh
Abolfazl Chaman Motlagh on 11 Feb 2022
you can easily create and edit a cell. then convert it to table.
here is an example:
boxes = cell(10,2); %number of images x 2=(coordinates of box , labels)
% fill boxes :
for i=1:10
n = randi(3); % number of box in i-th image, it maybe diffrenent so i consider it
boxes{i,1} = rand(n,4); % nx4 each row coordinate of a box
boxes{i,2} = string(randi(2,n,1)); % here i create n label for every image between 2 possible labels
% Convert to table
boxes = cell2table(boxes,'VariableNames',{'Boxes','Labels'});
blds = boxLabelDatastore(boxes)
blds =
boxLabelDatastore with properties: LabelData: 10x2 cell array {[0.1264 0.5256 0.1346 0.2392]} {[1 ]} {[0.3028 0.0742 0.1592 0.0875]} {[2 ]} {3×4 double } {3×1 categorical} ... and 7 more rows ReadSize: 1
Remember if this blds is gonna use for a deep learning applications, values of each box should be checked. 0 is invalid for deep learning. and sum of 3-th element and first one shouldn't be more than image width, and sum of 4th and 2th element shouldn't be more than image height.
Lorenzo Tonelli
Lorenzo Tonelli on 11 Feb 2022
Thank you! Works like a charm.

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