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Error: Invalid 'Dimensions' property specified. at FMU export

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I tried to export a Simulink model to a FMU file for use in another tool. After compiling I receive the following error:
"Invalid 'Dimensions' property specified. This property must be a double vector consisting of positive elements. Further, for signals of greater than 2 dimensions, the trailing dimension cannot have a value of 1"
Does anyone have a clue why this error appears? Unfortunately this error message does not specify the location.
Could it be related to Bug Reports (
Thanks for your help!

Accepted Answer

Anshuman on 22 Jan 2024
The FMU export process is strict about signal dimensions, and this error is typically related to a signal that does not meet the requirements for FMU export. I would recommend you to go through your Simulink model and verify the dimensions of all signals, especially those that are part of the interface to the FMU. Make sure that all signals have dimensions that are positive double vectors. For example, a signal should not have dimensions like [1, x] or [x, 1, 1], where x is a positive integer.
Hope it helps!

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