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Doesn't addpath support adding multiple folder paths at the same time?

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For example, I have 2 paths of the same level of brothers, how can I add them to the matlab search path by command addpath?
path1 = "parentFolder1/";
path2 = "parentFolder2/";
Error using catdirs (line 25)
All arguments must be character vectors.

Error in addpath (line 64)
p = catdirs(mfilename, varargin{1:n});

Error in addpath (line 49)
warnings = evalc('native_addpath(varargin{:})');
Is the solution to use addpath 2 times, when there are more sibling folders, it seems inelegant to call addpath multiple times?

Accepted Answer

Max Heimann
Max Heimann on 28 Feb 2022
Edited: Max Heimann on 28 Feb 2022
According to the addpath documentation (, you can add multiple paths at the same time by passing them as comma separated inputs.
If you want to add a dynamically sized list of paths with one call you could add the paths to a cell of strings
paths = {'path1','path2', .. ,'pathN'}
And then call addpath with all entries of paths

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