Cannot find files or folders matching .... AWS S3

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memotec on 28 Feb 2022
Answered: Prince Kumar on 6 Apr 2022
Hey experts!
I am totally new to working with remote data. Hopefully my problem is easy for you, since I am a beginner. But unfortunately I really can´t find the mistake by myselft right now.
The task is to open .json files which are stored in a AWS S3 bucket. I tested my key ID and secret key for the s3://test-export/ bucket in the windows console using the AWS CLI:
For me this looks like my "login" is working and I successfully get the sample json file in the bucket. Trying to do the same in MATLAB is not yet working: = 'test-export'; = fullfile('s3://',, '/');
setenv('AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID', AWS.login.accessKeyID);
setenv('AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY', AWS.login.secretAccessKey);
setenv('AWS_DEFAULT_REGION ', 'eu-central-1');
fds = fileDatastore(,'ReadFcn',@load);
... leads to the error:
Error using fileDatastore (line 226)
Cannot find files or folders matching: 's3:\\test-export\'.
Any ideas why I can make it work in the windows console but can´t find the path when usind fileDatastore in Matlab? How is my path definition wrong?
Thank you very much and best regards!

Answers (1)

Prince Kumar
Prince Kumar on 6 Apr 2022
It looks like you are not reading the data properly.
Please fo through the following doumentation and look couple of examples for better understanding:
Hope this helps!


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