audio input that is not recognize by matlab

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Hello ,
i want to record sound with 2 differents microphones but when i use the fonction : "audiodevinfo", matlab doesn't see neither my headset's microphone nor my external's mircophone.
do you know how can i record and get audio data from those 2 microphones that are not recongnize by matlab ?
Fanny ( from france, sorry for my english)

Accepted Answer

Jimmy Lapierre
Jimmy Lapierre on 11 Mar 2022
Hi Fanny,
First is to make sure the OS recognized the input devices. If on Windows, check that your devices show up in "Sound settings" in control panel.
If MATLAB was open when connecting the device, you need to use audiodevreset or restart MATLAB.
Once recognized by the OS, you can list your input devices.
audiodevreset % or restart MATLAB
adi = audiodevinfo;
adi.input.Name % list of input device names

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