Error when training neural network with multi feature inputs

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I am currently working on a project in which I use a neural network with 3 feature inputs. The first one (localPosScore) is a 1x9 vectors and the others (msgX) are 1x7 vectors :
I create an arrayDatastore from a cell array with my training datas and the read function gives me this result :
However when I use the trainNetwork function the command answers me this error
Error using trainNetwork (line 184)
Input datastore returned more than one observation per row for network input 1.
I don't where I miss something because when I read the trainNetwork's help page I have a cell array of {numInputs+1} elements with a categorical label.
May you help me to solve this probem ?
Thanks in advance
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chechezhe Chen
chechezhe Chen on 29 Jun 2022[]=asset_type_name:answer&fq[]=category:deeplearning/deep-learning-with-time-series-sequences-and-text&page=1

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Prince Kumar
Prince Kumar on 31 Mar 2022


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