Using shared configurations with configured hardware board

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I'm using a shared configuration as described here:
This seems to work fine until I set Hardware Implementation > Hardware board to "Raspberry PI". When I do this I get the following error when opening a model using the shared configuration :
Parameter update is not supported for a configuration reference. Update parameter in the configuration set that it references.
Component:Simulink | Category:Model error
And then I do not get hte Hardware tab I usually get when not using shared configurations.
Does anyone know why this isn't working?
Thanks in advance!
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Hangxu Li
Hangxu Li on 25 Sep 2023
I also have the same problem when using 21a. But it works for 23a now. Did you find any solution to this problem?

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Answers (2)

Nakul Khadilkar
Nakul Khadilkar on 11 Mar 2022
Hi Kristian,
Try setting the configuration parameter as below:
configurationSettings.set_param('Name', 'value');
configurationSettings’ should be a variable in your workspace and the variable’s name should match Referenced configuration set name in the Model Explorer.

Divya on 22 Jan 2024
need to take referenced Configuration object that model config references,and then set required parameter.
configSet = getActiveConfigSet(modelName);
referencedConfigObj = getRefConfigSet(configSet); % taking referenced Configuration object
set_param(referencedConfigObj, 'parameter_name', 'value');




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