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MATLAB Lidar Camera Calibration not Working

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I am using the Lidar Camera Calibration app but it is unable to detect the board in the lidar scan, I moved the ROI to contain the scan and it's very obvious in the display where it is. Dont know what to do, do I need a bigger board? I should mention the lidar unit is rotated 90 degrees but since the ROI is selected I assume it won't be a problem?

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Jaswanth on 22 Dec 2023
Hi Michael Lowell,
I understand that you want to know how to get the checkerboard detected in the Point Cloud. From the description you have provided, I understand that you have already used 'Edit ROI', which has not been successful in detecting the checkerboard.
To move forward, you can use 'Select Checkerboard' on the app toolstrip. The app opens the Select Checkerboard tab, where you can manually select checkerboard points in any point cloud frame.
As for the checkerboard, the one you have used appears to be in line with the checkerboard guidelines. However, please go through the following documentation on creating and printing guidelines for a checkerboard for a better understanding:,Checkerboard%20Guidelines,-When%20using%20the
Regarding the rotation, the checkerboard should point towards the front axes of the camera (z-axis) and LIDAR sensor (x-axis). Also, please go through the following 'Guidelines for Capturing Data', which has instructions regarding avoiding motion blur and holding the checkerboard target, which will help in accurate feature detection:,Guidelines%20for%20Capturing%20Data,-Capture%20data%20from
Hope this helps.




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