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Steer different subarrays in different directions or phase for constructive interference of beams from each subarray

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I have an antenna model which contains subarrays. Each subarray contains URA of 2x2 elements. I have to adjust the phase or beam direction of each subarray such that I will get maximum power or directivity ( construtive interference of beams from each subarray) at a particular point. How can I make use of the replicated subarray to achieve the same?

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Anshuman on 18 Jan 2024
To achieve maximum power or directivity at a particular point using an antenna array with replicated subarrays, you will need to adjust the phase of each element within the subarrays to ensure that the signals from each subarray interfere constructively at the desired point. This process is known as beamforming. Here's a high level explanation of it:
  • Define the Desired Beam Direction.
  • For each subarray, you will need to calculate the phase shifts required for each element to ensure that the signals add constructively at the target point.
  • Once the phase shifts are calculated, you need to implement them in the antenna system.
  • Since you have replicated subarrays, you can simplify the beamforming process by applying the same phase shifts to the corresponding elements in each subarray.

George on 21 Mar 2024
Hello, I recommend you take a look at the ReplicatedSubarray object:
The example in this documentation page shows you how you can change the power radiated in different directions.




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