How to speed up for loop with if condition

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Hello. I have the following code:
tilt = zeros(length(delta_tilt),width(delta_tilt));
for k= 1:(length(delta_tilt)-1)
tilt(k+1,:)= tilt(k,:)+delta_tilt(k+1,:);
for i= 1:365
if tilt(k+1,i)>constraint_up;
tilt(k+1,i)= constraint_up;
elseif tilt(k+1,i)<constraint_down;
tilt(k+1,i)= constraint_down;
Considering delta_tilt an array 86400*365, computational time for this operation results very heavy. There's any way to speed up this operation?
I want to build "tilt" as the cumsum of delta_tilt, but if the value k of tilt is out of boundaries, I want that the value k+1 takes in consideration this limitation.
Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

M.B on 18 Mar 2022
Not sure if it speeds up the code, but you can try the following:
tilt = 0*delta_tilt;
for k = 1:(size(delta_tilt, 1)-1)
tilt(k+1,:)= tilt(k,:)+delta_tilt(k+1,:);
tilt(k+1,:)= min(tilt(k+1,:),constraint_up);
tilt(k+1,:)= max(tilt(k+1,:),constraint_down);

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