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Can anyone help me in extracting the relevant IMFs from the decomposed signal using EMD function?

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I want extract a biomedical signal mixed with number of other artifacts; there are also artifacts which have almost similar to the signal which I want to extract. Is there any method to extract the signal that need through visual interpretation or any other method?
Thanking you all in advance....

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Anshuman on 1 Feb 2024
I am guessing that you are trying to extract a biomedical signal from noisy data, when the noise includes artifacts that are similar to the signal of interest. To extract the signal through visual interpretation, here are some approaches:
  • Plot the raw signal and visually inspect it for patterns or segments where the signal of interest is more prominent. This can help in identifying windows for further analysis or areas where artifact removal is necessary.
  • Use a Fourier Transform to convert the signal into the frequency domain and visually inspect the spectrum. This can reveal the frequency components of the signal and artifacts, which might occupy different frequency bands.
  • Apply digital filters to remove noise outside the expected frequency range of your signal. Low-pass filters can remove high frequency noise and similarly High-pass filters can remove low-frequency drift.
Additionally, there are few computational techniques like Adaptive Filtering, Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and Wavelet Transform, which can be used to isolate the signal of interest.

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