MATLAB Add AWS Credentials error

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Snoopy on 27 Mar 2022
Answered: Rishav on 5 Oct 2023
I am trying to setup an AWS account within MATLAB. I get the error in the enclosed screenshot. Can anyone help?

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Rishav on 5 Oct 2023
Hi Snoopy,
I understand that you are facing an error while setting up an AWS account within MATLAB.
The best place to start with MathWorks Cloud Center is the Cloud Center User's Guide:
The user's guide covers configuring your Amazon AWS account, starting your cluster, and managing your data.
To configure your MDCS MHLM license for a local cluster there are two changes that must be made to the cluster and client computers once MATLAB, MDCS and PCT have been installed:
Modify mdce_def.bat for MHLM usage
  • Navigate to $MATLAB/R20XXx/toolbox/distcomp/bin
  • Open the mdce_def.bat ( for Linux and Mac) file with a text editor
  • Find the entry in the .bat file titled set "USEMATHWORKSHOSTEDLICENSEMANAGER" and set it equal to "true" this needs to be done on every cluster node.
Configure MATLAB client
  • Open the MATLAB client that has parallel computing toolbox installed.
  • On the home tab click the parallel drop down menu and select Manage cluster profiles.
  • Select your cluster profile and click edit. (Note: On R2016b and Higher, a blank MathWorks Cloud Profile is created on Installation so you can use this one for convenience)
  • Modify the license number field to include the license number of the MHLM license.
Whether your compute nodes are in the cloud or not, it is necessary for the user of the cluster to be listed on the license as the licensed end user. They will be prompted to log into their MathWorks account when connecting the cluster.
Thank you,
Rishav Saha

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