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simulink real-time not useing PCI board

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I want to use simulink real-time if I am using matlab 2019b version.
I tried LAN booting using the PCI board, but it didn't work, so booting was successfully completed through USB booting.
It was confirmed that the example program was running well, and no additional problems occurred.
Currently, the target driver R8168 is connected to the host PC, and the target PC is connected to the PCI board LAN socket using a cross LAN cable. The problem is that I want to connect the target PC and the host PC without using a PCI board. The reason is that 'm-tek g24101skg' is currently used for the PCI board, and since this PCI board has only one LAN socket, we want to leave the PCI board socket empty to use the DAQ board.
If you know how to solve the above problem, please reply.

Accepted Answer

Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV on 28 Mar 2022
The host PC and the target machine can only be connected using an Ethernet cable (either direct connection or through a LAN).
If I got you correctly, you'd like to remove an Ethernet I/O module from your target machine to replace it with a DAQ board, but this is a problem because that Ethernet connection is required to talk to the host PC, is this right? How about the on-board Ethernet ports of your target machine, could you use those for the Host - Target connection?
Please also note that support for custom target hardware has been removed in Simulink Real-Time in R2018a. Starting from that release, only Speedgoat target machines are supported. For more information, have a look at and at the Release Notes for Simulink Real-Time.
JAE HONG LEE on 6 Apr 2022
The onboard Ethernet port is also empty, so I think it can be used.
The question is, when the host PC and the target PC communicate with each other, is it possible to connect the host PC with a network adapter and the target PC to communicate with each other using the on-board LAN?
Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV on 6 Apr 2022
It should be possible to establish a connection between the Host PC and the Target machine through its on-board Ethernet port, assuming that the on-board Ethernet port of the target uses a driver supported by Simulink Real-Time and that its PCI bus is smaller or equal to than 31.

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