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How to establish a range within a loop statement?

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I have two parameters namely, car pos and truck pos. Usually, I individually assign values for these two parameters to get the output readings. Now, because of an increase in the range of values(let's say i need to assign the values from 1 to 50 for both of the parameters), I need an output where the values are extracted from the given range and an overall output data is produced for each and every single value. I believe that we must incorporate loops here. Can someone help me with this? Also, do I need to implement a separate block for the loop in the simulink model?

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Jakob B. Nielsen
Jakob B. Nielsen on 28 Mar 2022
Sounds like you want to use a for loop, which executes for every specified value you put into the loop. The classic:
for i=1:50
car_pos(i)=something*i + somethingelse*i^2 + constant
You will end up with a 1x50 array where entry number i is the function executed with value i.
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Jaya Poornima
Jaya Poornima on 8 Apr 2022
Thank you so much, sir. I have successfully implemented this coding in MATLAB. But I am yet to implement this for loop in Simulink. While coming across a YouTube video, i found that, inorder to implement a for loop in a Simulink model, we must utilize the "for iterator block". Now i will be working on that.

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