Fractional delay FIR filter design

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nidhi bisla
nidhi bisla on 30 Mar 2022
Answered: Abhimenyu on 20 Oct 2023
How can I design fractional delay FIR filter in the fastest way in matlab?
I want minimum computational time. Shall I use the inbulit function or design it myself?
If designing will be faster then how to design it?

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Abhimenyu on 20 Oct 2023
Hi Nidhi,
I understand that you want to design fractional delay FIR filter using MATLAB. The fractional delay FIR filter is an FIR approximation of an ideal sinc shift filter with a specified fractional (non-integer) delay value fdwithin [0,1].
The fastest and the most efficient method is to use the MATLAB built-in function: ‘designFracDelayFIR’. This function offers a convenient and optimized way to design fractional delay FIR filters with specified delay, filter length or combined bandwidth, making it a good choice for achieving minimum computational time.
Please refer to the MATLAB documentation link below to understand more about the ‘designFracDelayFIR function and its examples:
I hope this helps!
Thank you,

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