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Pedro Cavaco
Pedro Cavaco on 27 Sep 2011
Dear Matlab folks,
When I save data from matlab to new excel spreadsheet, I get the following message:
Warning: Added specified worksheet.
In xlswrite>activate_sheet at 265
In xlswrite at 221
In export_2_excel at 94
In Model_Main at 409
Is there a way to hide this message? Because now it's appearing on the command window every time a new sheet is created and is very annoying.
Pedro Cavaco

Accepted Answer

Wayne King
Wayne King on 27 Sep 2011
Yes, you can use.
warning('OFF', 'MSGID')
Use lastwarn() to get the message ID for the warning you want to turn off.
Pedro Cavaco
Pedro Cavaco on 27 Sep 2011
Thanks a lot Wayne.
Works great!

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