Generate 10000 numbers using RAND with probability

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  1. Given a sequence of U(0,1) random numbers, obtain and describe an algorithm that generate binary random numbers with the following point masses:
P{X = 0} = 0.3, P{X = 1} = 0.7
  • Use MATLAB (0, ) random number generator “rand” to generate 10,000 random numbers with the above distribution.
  • Compute the average value of the 10,000 numbers generated. Compare it with the theoretical mean.
  • Give the percentages of the numbers generated that are equal to -1,0, and 1, respectively. Compare them with the point masses and make a comment.

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Answers (2)

Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 31 Mar 2022
@dlafont - from the error, I think that you have a custom script called rand.m that is is conflicting with the MATLAB rand function. I recommend you delete the /MATLAB Drive/rand.m (or better, rename this file) and try again.

Ganesh shankar ram
Ganesh shankar ram on 15 Nov 2022
Generate Random Sequences of length 10000
uniformly distributed over the interval 0 and0.5

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