Datastore Mask R-CNN for kidney segmentation

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I have
  • several CT images 512x512 with normalized values between 0 and 1. Basically 2dimensional black white images
  • Kidney labels for each images with 0 or 1
  • for each image 2 boxes with x,y,height, width (for each kidney of the human)
  • and the labels I could generate (always 'kidney' I guess?)
How do I generate a datastore to train the network, as described here under "Create Datastore":
They convert it somehow from some MAT files with some custom function, hence I do not know how to assemble my own training data into a data store

Accepted Answer

Prince Kumar
Prince Kumar on 6 Apr 2022
Please read the "Create Datastore that Reads Data" section from the following documentation.
You can also read Datastores for deep learning for more understanding.
Hope this helps!
Odo Luo
Odo Luo on 11 Apr 2022
Thank you for your help!
I have a more concrete question regarding the image datastore and made a seperate question!
But you put me on the right track, lots of thanks!

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