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Esra Demirbilek
Esra Demirbilek on 6 Apr 2022
Answered: Prince Kumar on 11 Apr 2022
Hello everyone
With this code, I print the result, new_m, Yy_new values ​​for each k value in the command window. But the workspace has only the last k values.
What I want to do is; For each value of k, the result in the workspace should also contain the values ​​of the new_m, Yy_new matrices.
This is my code:
for k= 1:10
resultt = birfazson(1,birfazson(2,:) == k).'
new_m = [resultt birincisure(k,resultt).']
proctime= [birincisure(k,resultt)].' ;
Yy = zeros(numel(proctime),3);
Yy(:,1) = proctime(:,1);
Xx = cumsum(Yy(:,1));
Yy(2:end,2) = Xx(1:end-1);
Yy(:,3) = Xx(:);
Yy_new=[new_m(:,1) Yy]
Thanks advance

Answers (1)

Prince Kumar
Prince Kumar on 11 Apr 2022
It is the expected behaviour where MATLAB save the latest value in the workspace.
However, if you want to save all the values of the variables you can append the values in an array/matrix and access them accordingly.
Please refer to the following answers on how to append in the array:
Hope this helps!!


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